Pleased To Announce… Winter Hill!

A new film is on the horizon! Winter Hill which has been produced and directed by Alex Lawton. We previously produced ‘Out’ together to great success and hopefully a similar fate awaits Winter Hill.

On this occasion I was simply able to hand off a script and let Alex run with it. Producing is a love/hate affair for me. Having co-produced our first film out of necessity, though we had full control, ultimately it takes a lot out of you emotionally (and financially).

Over the years I’ve handed off countless scripts with promise of a finished film to come back from it. Both for nothing or with the promise of money. It rarely comes off, and increasingly you will find this as an aspiring writer in the film world. It’s often with a heavy heart I hand a script over because I rarely feel like I’ll see a finished film come back. I sold one which is still to be released, so effectively is a dead credit so even getting paid doesn’t always do much for your CV.

It’s with that in mind that I now find myself with a mind back on producing and taking control. What was a pleasure with Winter Hill however was the knowledge that handing over my script would result in a finished film. Not only that, I can be rest assured that it will turn out as well as I envisioned when writing it. It’s rare in this business you can trust someone to take your work and realise it, so for the second time (and hopefully not the last), Alex has run with this and to his credit, run solo (whilst I find myself very busy not just with work, family and the rest, but casting a Thai Feature film).

Furthermore for the second time we find ourselves casting Sharon Lawrence as mum in our film. She’d worked previously too on a short with my brother and whilst we’re probably now going to owe her a mothers day card, there was the trust that she would come in ready and prepared and deliver an excellent performance. That proved to be the case again.

Expect a trailer in the coming months and a release next Spring.

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