Awards, Festival Selections, Features galore.

So The Dark Recess has had an excellent start to its festival run. Along the way there have been four awards so far and about 8 selections. Considering we shot this for no money, I couldn’t ask for a better festival run, and we’re still running with potential of a red carpet event in January 2020.


Meanwhile, there are now 2 more features in Post-Production to add to Vikings vs Scarecrow. In feb, the boys and girls of Proportion Productions shot Reign Of Chaos, a Resident Evil/Buffy type action adventure. Then in April, the boys and girls at Champdog films shot Cy:Wife a Sci-Fi horror that blends Her and Black Mirror. I’m looking forward to seeing both very much.

As of writing I’ve just finished writing Jurassic Island a Dinosaur film with nods to Journey To The Centre of the Earth. Currently also writing a short I’ve been hired to do, called The Bar (working title).  A twisty turny, Lock Stock-esque little thriller. Then I move onto a string of features. First a Pirate feature. Then an exciting feature mixing elements of Suspiria, Charmed and The Craft which will feature a couple of very exciting actresses with a large following. One of whom I remember vividly in the long distant days of 1am viewings of titillation on a then new Channel 5 in The Red Shoe Diaries, in the one episode people remember more than any others from that (oddly artistic, for a booby show) series as being the David Duchovny episode (which aired around the same time he was breaking out in The X Files.

Finally after that it’ll be a WW2 action film with odes to Inglorious Bastards and Basterds. From then on the rest of the year will undoubtedly bring more pitching, writing and hopefully features, as well as a return to producing alongside the amazing Leila Bartell as we develop firstly, the short film As The World Falls Down before moving onto our passion feature Feral and potentially developing several more features beyond.