First Feature releases and new projects from outer space!

With my terrible record for updating, here is the latest rundown in a nutshell. A crazy year got crazier with the following now in post, The Witches of Amityville Academy (starring Kira Reed Lorsch and Donna Spangler), The Tooth Fairy 2 and a new 80’s set short which I produced, Party Like It’s 1984. I also co-wrote The Attack (A new adaptation of War of the Worlds) which is in production.

milf green

Shooting early next year will be Jurassic Island, and a few other potential films ranging from Pirates, to Rats to WW2. I’m currently adapting a comic book to screenplay too, which features Aliens again, this time invading a Victorian era village, Milford Green, which all being well will be the first in a series (in line with the trilogy of comics).

Finally, The Dark Recess is coming to the end of its festival run. It seems so long ago since we finished it but the festival run has been both successful, and an interesting learning curve. As things stand, 14 selections, 4 awards, a few finals and semi-final placings. It has exceeded my expectations. Next up will be Estranged, long gestating in post but close to completion and then a shorter more compact (but hopefully successful) festival run.

My first feature releases have hit the shops now with Scarecrow’s Revenge now available in the US and UK on VOD (Amazon) and DVD/Blu-ray in Germany (other territories to follow). Cyber Bride has also now been released on VOD in the US and UK too. Keep your eyes peeled for more releases in 2020.

Looking forward to 2020 and beyond, more titles to develop including The Retreat, The Returned, As The World Falls Down, Three Skeleton Key, an untitled Highland set thriller, The Clan (a highland set horror), Feral and more. A big wide, eclectic mix of genres.

Most of all I’m looking forward to working with a great group of people from all over the place.

Tom Jolliffe