Return of the Tooth Fairy – Reviews in…

In the low budget horror world, good reviews aren’t easily forthcoming but very pleasingly the first couple of media reviews for The Return Of The Tooth Fairy have both been decent. You learn quickly in this business to take reviews with a grain of salt. Good reviews won’t make your own opinion of the film change, and bad reviews won’t make you fall out of love with something. As it happens, I expected a better response to this feature than my first two, because my own script was better.

Likewise the amazing Louisa Warren batting out low budget films with regularity and unwavering passion with her Champdog Films outfit, has through repetition, grown as a film-maker. The more you make (particularly at these budget levels), the more you learn to work within those means and deliver on tight schedules. It becomes a fine art. Long may that growth continue.

Most pleasing to see is the glowing praise for Katie McKenna in her first feature, who I cast in The Dark Recess. For someone so fresh to the business she had an incredible emotional range. This is where it begins and when she hits the big time I’ll take great delight in telling people she got her start in a short and a horror I wrote. Watch this space.

Return of the Tooth Fairy: Nerdly review

Return of the Tooth Fairy: Rotting Zombie review


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