The Latest.

With a crazy busy 2020, the work continues well into 2021.

In post and due for release 21/22:

Reign of Chaos – Proportion Productions

Jurassic Island – Proportion Productions

Tooth Fairy 3 – Champdog Productions

When Darkness Falls – Shepka Productions

War of The Worlds : The Attack – Blam Pictures

Jack and Jill – Jagged Edge Productions

Leprechaun’s Rage – Champdog Productions

Renegades – Shogun films

In Development (shooting 21/22)

Van Helsing: Monster Hunter – Jagged Edge Productions

Firenado – Dark Abyss Productions

Sky Monster – Dark Abyss Productions

Three Blind Mice – Dark Abyss Productions

Transient – Demuja Films (Short).

The Retreat – Studio 7 Films

Cabal – Shogun Films

Crackdown – Shogun Films

The Star Chamber – Shogun Films

Pretty Boy – Shogun Films

Development 2022/2023+

The Killing Stone – TBC

Milford Green – TBC

The Clan – Shepka Productions/TBC

Feral – TBC

Dragon Sword – Shogun Films

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