My name is Tom Jolliffe. I’m a freelance film journalist and award winning screenwriter. I currently write for popular UK film site, Flickering Myth. I’m an English, Film and Creative writing graduate.

Movies are my passion. I’ve been a film fan for as long as I can remember and love to be transported away to wherever a film-maker wishes to take me. As well as watching and appreciating film, I have an ambition to create my own, primarily as a screenwriter. In late 2014 I completed a short film I co-produced called Out. Released in 2015, this stars Shone Romulus (Top Boy) and Joerg Stadler (Saving Private Ryan) alongside the other fantastic cast members. More short films followed with Winter Hill, Estranged and The Dark Recess (available on Amazon Prime), all of which had successful festival runs.

I also worked as UK casting director and location scout on a Thai Feature film. ‘How Are Yah’ is a comedy of errors about the complexity of the English language for non-native speakers, which hit cinemas across Asia in 2019.

Late 2018 also saw a break into genre feature films. My debut feature as screenwriter, Scarecrows Revenge came out in 2019, and Cyber Bride followed shortly after. 2020 saw the release of Return of the Tooth Fairy and Amityville Witches. The year was busy and productive, even despite a pandemic slowing the industry. I had a number of other films produced, including Tooth Fairy 3, When Darkness Falls, War of The Worlds and Jurassic Island, all of which will see releases through 2021 into 2022. It has been pleasing to have a number of films released on DVD/BluRay and VOD across the world.

Most exciting was the opportunity to take a huge leap into star powered projects, beginning with Renegades, a revenge action/thriller starring Lee Majors, Billy Murray, Ian Ogilvy, Danny Trejo, the late great Tiny Lister, Michael Pare and Louis Mandylor. It’s a dream come true to write for a selection of actors I’ve long watched and admired. The excitement will continue across 2021 and beyond with The Star Chamber, Eyewitness, Assault on Hazard Rock, Pretty Boy and several other star studded projects with Shogun films.

In 2022 I’ll be hoping to balance my screenwriting work with some producing and bringing to life a passion project with the psychological art-house horror, The Killing Stone, producing alongside Eden Jun (the wonderful and talented co-producer/star of Estranged). Then the focus will be on coproducing long in development passion projects, Feral and The Clan.


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