Exciting projects on the horizon.

Two projects out on DVD/Blu-Ray/streaming across the world at the moment (Scarecrows Revenge and Cyber Bride). The Tooth Fairy 2 will be out in June on DVD in the UK. Later in the year will also see a release for The Witches of Amityville Academy and Reign Of Chaos as well.


Due for production soon (all being well after a little thing called Covid-19) we have Witchhunter, Jurassic Island, When Darkness Falls and Renegades (starring a number of icons). Then hopefully late 2020/early 2021 will see Milford Green, The Retreat, Backlash (with a genuine action legend being sought), Pirates of Purgatory Island, Pretty Boy (based on the life of renowned gangster/fighter, Roy Shaw) and Dragon Sword (a Conan inspired adventure). Next year will undoubtedly bring more projects including pushing a passion project, Feral forward, The Clan and Three Skeleton Key.


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